At Maison de Fleurs we specialise in creating floral masterpieces for every element of your wedding, from bouquets, buttonholes and the bridal suite to installations in the church, harnessing the natural beauty of flowers to create moments of amazement and splendour. Our beautiful flowers intoxicate the senses and stir the soul, encapsulating the joy and happiness of every wedding we design.

Wedding Styles

We will work with you to suggest design options that suit your theme and wedding type. Maison de Fleurs is known for producing traditional and contemporary proposals, tailoring each and every one to reflect your individual requirements and ensuring your personal taste is consistent throughout the wedding day.
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The Studio and Process

In our very first meeting with you we will draw upon our abundant knowledge and technical expertise to start to develop bespoke designs based on you and your partner’s tastes, visions and dreams. Furthermore, we promise you will always remain at the heart of the creative process. Sample meetings provide an opportunity for you to take in the sights and smells of the arrangements for the first time, while site visits provide a moment to consider the décor and accessories to suit your venues. We make sure that every aspect of the process is enjoyable and stress-free, and take pride in exceeding your expectations on the big day itself when you see your dreams come true in magnificent fashion.
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